The former lover of Princess Diana commented on the paternity of Prince Harry

Becoming part of the Royal family by marrying Prince Charles, Diana Spencer still was not his. The Princess was extremely cold, and even the birth of two children – William and Harry – almost nothing has changed. After a few after the birth of her second son, the opposite of gossip around Diana added. The reason for the discussion was the fact that baby Harry was not like any of the members of the Royal family, in connection with which all began to assume that the boy’s father is not the lawful spouse of Diana and another man.

Then the “choice” fell on the Princess former lover James Hewitt. Today, after more than 30 years after the appearance of these rumors, Hewitt decided to comment on them and to place all points over I in this question.

On the question of whether he is the biological father of Harry, the man gave a negative answer.

James noted that physically would not have been able to be involved in the birth of the future heir, since he and Princess Diana met in 1986, two years after Harry was born.

Well, now that that’s cleared up, reporters temporarily unable to calm down and focus on other not less interesting question – became known date of the engagement of Prince Harry and his beloved Meghan Markle.

Source: graziamagazine.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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