The forgotten sex symbol Vasily Stepanov washes trolleybuses to pay off debts

Vasily Stepanov filed a great hope for a great acting future. Seeing the talent and potential in the student theatre school, directed by Fedor Bondarchuk with invited the guy in your project called “Inhabited island”. But hardly Bondarchuk could have predicted that the first serious starring role in the ambitious movie will not open the door to help him and be the cause of his prolonged depression and departure from the profession.

As it turned out, Basil is too close to the heart perceive all the criticism about his acting abilities and was not prepared for what he will discuss with such force. In the end, the guy was practically a hermit and didn’t want to hear about the work that made him famous.

For a long time: there was nothing audible. In the summer of this year appeared the first information about the guy. Media wrote that the cause of all the ills of Basil, including the lack of jobs and not on his personal life lies in manic depression, which was diagnosed by the doctors.

Basil, after much persuasion of relatives, agreed on a treatment which has cost his family a lot of money. Details told the brother of the actor: “it”Every weekend we invited his friends for spiritual gatherings. Sometimes the family were away at the cottage. But it’s depressing not retreated… Then I went to the Metropolitan psychiatrists — have chosen the professional of the business, the price of 10 thousand rubles per session (total amount of 500 thousand rubles). He spat on the rates, agreed. Progress was obvious: six months later, Vaska came to himself a little, became interested in the business of books.”

Basil felt responsible for such a large cost of the treatment, because the repayment of the loan was directly involved. To pay off your debts Stepanov decided the money he earned in the role of cleaner buses: “Bob helped to extinguish these loans. He secretly arranged a night washer trolleybuses in the fleet — washing for 15 per shift. The next morning the brother came back, was put on the table five thousand and quietly went to bed. Until recently he didn’t tell anyone earns. Said only: “the Most important thing pay!” Only confessed a few months later. Treatment ended, and the debts remained. We plan to repay in 2017″.

Source: cosmo.ru
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