The first presentation in English “Little half” Buzova performed by soundtrack

The fans didn’t like the way I moved Olga Buzova on the stage during the performance of the English version of the song “Little half”. Many subscribers have noticed that the girl also used the soundtrack.


At the club where His first performed the song “Little half” in English, there were about 2 thousand people. During the performance, singer, none of those present, judging by the video, stood up to applaud. “Something the people in the room boring or bad you sang,” wrote one of the subscribers.

Fans also noticed that the movement thinner Buzova by the song “Note nough for me” looked ridiculous. Fans also criticized the performance of the sound recording, which was clearly audible in the room. “Hoarse her voice is and everyone knows it. And under the plywood all can sing,” said the subscriber.