The first official portrait of Melania trump was heavily criticized

After more than two months after the inauguration of Donald trump, published the first official portrait of his wife, and part-time first lady of the United States – Melania.

The picture was expressive and Melania looks quite decent. Here are just still can not fall into the mercy of his own people. Photograph of the first lady, barely having time to be in the network, has been heavily criticized. Internet users thought that the photo Melania looks too unnatural, like a wax doll. but most of all negative feedback received isn’t even the President’s wife, and her engagement ring, which took on a photo a lot of places. On the hand the first lady flaunts huge diamond 25 carats. This gift Melania did Donald himself three years ago when the couple celebrated the tenth anniversary of wedding. By the way, the ring then was worth almost 150 thousand dollars. Agree that it is a small sum by the standards of show business.

Netizens said that Melania’s time to learn humility and to pay attention to how they behave and what appears in public, for example, Kate Middleton. If leveled at the British monarchs Melania does not like, she can always turn for help to his step-daughter Ivanka, who excelled in the ability to hide untold wealth for clothes and accessories inexpensive brands.

Source: graziamagazine.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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