The first channel on the battle of Oxymoron and Purulent: rap whitewashed rock

In the program “Sunday morning” on the First channel was talking about the battle of Oxymoron and Purulent, which took place in St. Petersburg on 6 August. In the video, devoted to this event, noted that in Russia the rap defeated the rock.


The program stated that the rap battle was the highest-rated and discussed in August. Video battle was watched by more than 22 million people. One of the most successful and popular rappers of Russia Oxxxymiron lost MS from St. Petersburg Purulent. The story says that the rap battle in Russia has reached a very high level. However, it largely differs from the classic American. If opponents of US prefer to insult and humiliate each other, use a lot of profanity, the Russian rappers prefer to argue about the “great”. They love to talk about the meanings of life, and this is the essence of “Russian rap”.

At the end of the story noted that, if young minds in 1980-1990-ies of the disturbed rock, today’s youth are drawn to rap. For example, the authors of the video said that modern Danila Bagrov of the legendary film “Brother” would listen to not rock musicians, and recitals.