The final trailer for “beauty and the Beast” published online

The main premiere of the spring, according to many, should be the adaptation of the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast.” Due to the fact that the audience was presented a lot of trailers of the future of fantasy film, we know that the tale is supposed to be incredibly colorful and beautiful. Today, our beliefs have been confirmed thanks to the appearance of the web of the new roller.

Here we see a galaxy of stars, including Luke Evans, Euan McGregor, Emma Thompson, Stanley Tucci, Josh Gad, Ian McKellen and, of course, starring Emma Watson and Danny Stevens.

We offer you to once again enjoy this riot of colors and a great story that we will be able to see on the big screens of sovesm soon – March 15, the film leaves in the Russian hire.

Previously, Emma Watson said that she, not Emma stone was supposed to star in the musical “La La land”, which was the main movie of 2016.

Source: people.passion.ru
Photo: people.passion.ru

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