The film “Murder on the Orient Express” (2017): actors, roles, trailer, release date – 24???

Autumn will be the world premiere of Director Kenneth Branagh “Murder on the Orient Express”. Release date — November 3, 2017. Picture — a new adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel of the same name. June 1, 2017, the screens out the Russian trailer of the picture.

The character is a famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. Urgent cases are of Poirot from Istanbul to England. The detective sits in the “Orient Express”. On the train the hero meets with passengers: the audience is very diverse.

Over Breakfast, Poirot met an unpleasant American by the name of Ratchett. The companion invites the detective to become his bodyguard, saying that he was in mortal danger. Poirot refuses. The next morning, Ratchett is found in his compartment dead. The compartment locked from the inside, and the window is open. Detective Hercule Poirot to investigate a crime.

Actors and the role of the film “Murder on the Orient Express” — in the material edition 24???.

Kenneth Branagh (Hercule Poirot)
The film “Murder on the Orient Express”: actor Kenneth Branagh in the role of Hercule Poirot | radikal.ru

Hercule Poirot — the Belgian detective living in London. Arrogant and fastidious. Has a sharp mind and observation. Modesty is not a trait of Poirot, calling himself “great detective”.

In the role of Poirot, made the film “Murder on the Orient Express” Kenneth Branagh. Known as the Director of the film “Frankenstein”, “Jack Ryan: chaos Theory”, “top”, “Cinderella”, etc. in Addition to the Directors, Kenneth Branagh active in films. Among kinorabot actor: hamlet (“hamlet”), Arlis loveless (“wild Wild West”), Professor Lockhart (“Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets”), etc. the Actor has been nominated five times for the award “Oscar”.

Michelle Pfeiffer (Mrs. Hubbard)
The film “Murder on the Orient Express”: actress Michelle Pfeiffer in the role of Mrs. Hubbard | imdb.com

Mrs. Caroline Martha Hubbard middle-aged woman, chatty American. Coming home from Baghdad after a visit to her daughter. Ex-tragic actress.

In the role of Mrs. Hubbard viewers of the film “Murder on the Orient Express” you will see Michelle Pfeiffer. She played in 59 scenes. Started acting in small roles in the TV series in 1978. The popularity of the actress came with the role of the film “witches of Eastwick”, where Michelle co-starred with Jack Nicholson and Susan Sarandon. Played in the films “What lies beneath” (Claire Spencer), “a Midsummer night’s Dream” (Titania), “At the bottom of the ocean” (Beth Cappadora), etc. In 2017, came another film with Michelle Pfeiffer in the title role — “the Liar, the Great and Terrible”.

Daisy Ridley (Mary Debenham)
The film “Murder on the Orient Express”: actress Daisy Ridley in the role of Mary Debenham | chto-posmotret.online

Mary Hermione Debenham, a young British woman. Working as a governess in Baghdad. Worked in the family Armstrong Secretary.

Young British actress Daisy Ridley, starring in the role of Mary in the film “Murder on the Orient Express”, became famous with the role of ray in the Saga “Star wars: the force Awakening”. This role was preceded by work in the series, “Mr. Selfridge”, “Silent witness”, “Punks”, etc. In 2017, Daisy Ridley starred in films: “Star wars: the Last Jedi” and “Ophelia”.

Judi Dench (Princess Dragomiroff)
The film “Murder on the Orient Express”: the actress Judi Dench in the role of Princess of Dragomirovo | imdb.com

Princess Natalia dragomirova — old immigrant from Russia. Was godmother to Sonia Armstrong stolen.

In the role of a Russian aristocrat, viewers will see Judy Dench. The actress is one of the brightest stars of the English theatre scene. Played in more than 70 movie roles. Debut of the actress on the big screen took place in the 1959 British film “Hilda Lessways”. Known roles Judi Dench: Philomena Lee (“Philomena”), Mrs. Fairfax (“Jane Eyre”), M (“quantum of solace”), etc.

Penelope Cruz (Pilar Estravados)
The film “Murder on the Orient Express”: actress Penelope Cruz in the role of Pilar Estravados | imdb.com

Pilar Estravados — cute latina babysitter kidnapped and killed Daisy Armstrong.

The role of Pilar was played by Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. Known artist brought the work in the films of Spanish Director Pedro Almodovar (“All about my mother”, “Live flesh”, “Broken embraces”). The first role of Penelope is played in 1986 in the movie “Celestine”. In 2011, the actress starred in the play the film “pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides”, in 2012 — in the woody Allen film “to Rome with love”. Filmography actress has 66 roles.

Willem Dafoe (Hardman)
The film “Murder on the Orient Express”: actor Willem Dafoe in the role of Hardman | ytimg.com

Cyrus bettman Hardman — covering the activities of the private detective under the guise of a salesman from America. Ex-boyfriend of the deceased maid Armstrong.

In the film “Murder on the Orient Express” starred Willem Dafoe. The actor made his film debut in 1980 in the film, Michael Cimino’s “heaven’s Gate”. In 1986 the artist was nominated for the award “Oscar” for his role in the film by Oliver stone “Platoon”. World famous Willem Dafoe brought the role of Jesus in the controversial film by Martin Scorsese “the Last temptation of Christ.” Well-known actor in the films “spider-Man”, “the Aviator”, “Speed 2” And “shadow of the vampire”, etc.

Johnny Depp (Ratchett)
The film “Murder on the Orient Express” actor johnny Depp in the role retchetta | cosmopolitan.ru

Ratchett — the rich man from America with a dark past. Is a bandit who has stolen the child Armstrong. Freed by court for lack of evidence.

The role retchetta viewers of the film “Murder on the Orient Express” will see johnny Depp. The fame of the artist brought one of his first roles, Glen Lantz in the horror film Wes Craven’s “a Nightmare on elm street”. In the list of known roles, Depp: Edward Scissorhands (“Edward Scissorhands”), Dean Corso (“the Ninth gate”), constable Ichabod crane (“Sleepy hollow”), Willy Wonka (“Charlie and the chocolate factory”), etc. But the most popular among spectators remains the role of the pirate Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Olivia Colman (Hildegarde Schmidt)
The film “Murder on the Orient Express”: actress Olivia Colman in the role of Hildegarde Schmidt | kino-max.com

Hildegarde Schmidt, a middle-aged German woman, the cook in the Armstrong house, and then the maid Princess of Dragomirovo.

The role of Hildegard is played by British actress Olivia Colman. Known for the role of Ursula in a Comedy mini-series “Shakespeare. Restart”. The actress participated in the TV series “Midsomer murders,” “Doctor Who,” “Murder on the beach”, etc. In 2016 Olivia Colman starred in the popular film “Night administrator” in the role of Angela Burr, an agent of British intelligence. In 2017, was filmed another movie with the actress — “Dwellers of hills”.

The film “Murder on the Orient Express” — official trailer (video):