The film “moving up” became the leader of hire on the basis of the Christmas holidays

January 9 — IA “News”. Russian sports drama “upward Movement” of the Director Anton Megerdichev became the leader of hire in the country by the end of the Christmas holidays, gathering over the weekend, more than 658 million rubles, reports the portal kinobusiness.com.

The film tells about the victory of the Soviet basketball team over the American team at the Olympic games in 1972 in Munich.

The film was released on 28 December 2017. The results of the two weeks rolled a joint project of TV channel “Russia 1” and Nikita Mikhalkov’s Studio “Trite” has collected more than 1.2 billion rubles.

In second place was the adventure film “Jumanji: a jungle”, earned over the weekend, nearly 300 million rubles, and for three weeks of hire more than 1.1 billion rubles. Third place went to the Russian cartoon “Three heroes and the Princess of Egypt,” which received over the weekend of 265 million rubles and two weeks — 674 million.