The film “blade Runner 2049” (2017): actors, roles, trailer, release date – 24???

October 5, 2017 will be the world premiere of the sci-Fi Thriller from the Director Canada’s Denis Villeneuve and producer Ridley Scott’s “blade Runner 2049”. The film was a sequel to the sci-Fi Thriller “blade Runner” by Ridley Scott, released 35 years ago. The basis of the picture put fiction novel of Philip K. dick’s “do androids Dream elektroauto?”.

The main role of the film “blade Runner 2049”, as in “blade Runner” played by Harrison Ford. It was assumed that the film will play David Bowie. In connection with the death of the singer the role went to Jared Leto.

The budget of the film “blade Runner 2049” made $185 million Repeat if the film is the success of its predecessor, we’ll see. The authors suggest to gather on the first weekend of viewing $40 million Trailer has announced exciting picture, but a creative group under the leadership of a talented Director promises interesting viewing. Actors and the role of the film “blade Runner 2049” – in the material edition 24???

Ryan Gosling (Key)
The film “blade Runner 2049”: actor Ryan Gosling in the role of Kay | styleinsider.com.ua

The film was shot in secrecy – actors scenarios are issued only on the set. It is known that the plot of the movie “blade Runner 2049” world war destroyed most of the biological on Earth.

Canadian actor Ryan Gosling, who played the role of Kay, started his career in film in 1989 when the young artist was invited to the series “Road to Avonlea”. Work in the sitcom lasted for 8 years. That was followed by another canadian series – “are you Afraid of the dark?”. Fame Ryan brought the painting “half Nelson”, for which the artist is nominated for “Oscar”. Famous films with the participation of Gosling: “La La land”, “shorting”, “Goodfellas”, “counts of murder”.

Harrison Ford (Rick Deckard)
The film “blade Runner 2049”: actor Harrison Ford in the role of Rick Deckard | igromania.ru

People live in the ruined cities. The consequences of the nuclear explosions caused serious genetic abnormalities in survivors.

Actor Harrison Ford, who played a major role in the film “blade Runner 2049”, known for his roles in projects, Star wars and adventure pictures about Indiana Jones. 66 played roles in movies, including Jack in the melodrama “Business girl,” Jack Ryan in the Thriller “patriot Games”, Richard Kimble in the criminal movie “the Fugitive”, etc. the Actor often starred in films with record box-office takings.

Edward James Olmos (GAF)
The film “blade Runner 2049”: actor Edward James Olmos in the role of the GAF | horrorzone.ru

The film “blade Runner 2049” takes place in the near future, poisoned by radiation San Francisco. Key – officer LAPD, the best among peers.

The actor of Mexican descent Edward James Olmos fame brought the role of GAF in the film “blade Runner”. From 1984-1989, the actor starred in the popular TV series “Miami Vice”. The work in the film, Jaime Escalante “Stand and deliver” brought Olmos was nominated for “Oscar”. In 1992 he made his directorial debut Edward “I am an American.” The actor starred in the popular TV series “Dexter” and the sci-Fi action movie “Agents of shield” as agent Robert Gonzalez.

Ana de Armas (joy)
The film “blade Runner 2049”: actress Ana de Armas in the role of joy | filmz.ru

During the next investigation officer Kay came across classified information. He learns that humanity is under threat of destruction.

In the role of Joey in the film “blade Runner 2049” starred the Cuban-Spanish actress Ana de Armas. Debut of the actress in the movie took place in 2006 in Spanish the film “rose of France”. His career in the American film Ana de Armas beginning in 2015, the actress starred with Robert de Niro in the Thriller “Stone fists”. Famous paintings involving Armas: “Overdrive”, “Guys with guns”, “Who’s there”, “Despicable me”.

Sylvia Hooks (Love)
The film “blade Runner 2049”: actress Sylvia hooks in the role of Lav | kinokopilka.pro

To help K. can his longtime colleague dick Rekard. But Recorde know nothing – the officer disappeared 30 years ago.

In the movie “blade Runner 2049” was played by the actress from the Netherlands Sylvia hooks. Filmography of the actress is only 7 paintings. The actress is well known to Russian audiences for her work in the joint Russian-Dutch painting “Girl and death”. Hooks also starred in the Ukrainian drama “Darling.” In 2013, Sylvia played the main role in the Italian film “the Best offer”. Besides working in cinema, Sylvia hooks plays on the stage, working model.

Robin Wright (Joshi)
The film “blade Runner 2049”: actress Robin Wright in the role joshy | onlynew.info

Fighting with androids, Rekard revised attitude to him. Fell in love with the girl robot, Rick ran off with a lover from the city and settled in a distant place where there are no conventions.

Actress Robin Wright appeared on the screens in 1986 in the movie “the Vice squad Hollywood”. Next role in the film “the Princess bride”, was in charge. Fame Robin Wright brought the role of Jenny Curran in the film Forrest Gump, in which the actress starred in the Duo with Tom Hanks. Partners Wright on the set were actors John Travolta (“She is beautiful”), William hurt (“Favorite”), Jason Clarke (Everest), etc.

Dave Batista (Minesweeper)
The film “blade Runner 2049”: actor Dave Bautista in the role of a Sapper | itc.ua

Kay decides to follow the example of former colleague Rick. But to make it easy: the city does not let its inhabitants.

In the movie “blade Runner 2049” role is played by Dave Batista. The artist known as the wrestler under the moniker “Batista” acting in “WWE”. First film role played in the science fiction series “Smallville” in 2001. The actor known to audiences for his roles in the films “Iron fist”, “Riddick”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, etc. Now, the artist engaged in the project “the Avengers: infinity War”.

Jared Leto (Neander Wallace)
The film “blade Runner 2049”: actor Jared Leto in the role Neander Wallace | sobaka.ru

Kay developed an elaborate escape plan from the city. On the way the fugitive unforeseen obstacles.

Neander in the movie played by Jared Leto – actor, musician, singer and composer. Made her film debut starring in the action movie “Cool and the crazy”, in which partner was the actress Alicia Silverstone. Widely known artist received, playing in the mini-series “My so-called life.” Played in famous movies like “Fight club”, “Dallas buyers club”, “Mr. Nobody”, “Requiem for a dream”. In 2016, Jared Leto starred in the role of Joker in the sci-Fi Thriller David Eyre “suicide Squad”.

The film “blade Runner 2049” – official trailer (video):