The feast day of St. Elijah the Prophet 2 August 2017

Holy Elijah the Prophet revered by Orthodox Christians and is known everywhere. There are many signs and beliefs in the day of his memory, the implementation of which promises a serene and joyful life.

The people of St. Elijah is revered primarily as the master of thunder and lightning. He is responsible for the fertility of the earth, and is the patron of the military pertaining to amphibious troops. The prophet was the first Saint, revered in ancient Rus: in his honor, already in the tenth century churches were built and after public baptism, the veneration of Elijah was widespread. This Saint is a symbol of enduring faith in the Lord, pious and righteous life.

Signs and traditions of the holiday

The day of remembrance of the Prophet Elijah gathers many Orthodox Christians in the walls of temples and churches. Vigil is accompanied by prayers, in which everyone can ask for Holy protection and patronage, to open the soul to the Lord and embark on the path of correction and Holiness.

In celebration of banned any work. It is believed that the work will not only bear fruit, but also negatively impact on future life in General.

In ancient times, our ancestors August 2, tried not to offend the harsh Ilya and strongly defended their homes and crops from thunderstorm, hail and other manifestations of nature.

In Elijah’s day the boldest hunters went into the woods and tried to get the wolf. If you managed to catch the beast, a successful hunter, the whole year waiting for good luck and prosperity.

According to accept, in this day you must wash spring water to protect yourself from all kinds of diseases and negative detractors.

Natural phenomena on this day, our ancestors determined what kind of weather to expect in the near future. If the thunder rattled for a long time, so, coming inclement weather. Short sharp and sonorous peals promised clear warm weather.

Feared in this day of no rain and clear sky, which promised a lot of fires and natural disasters.

This holiday everyone can pray not only in Church but at home iconostasis. It is believed that the day of remembrance of the Prophet Elijah is a key turning point not only for weather conditions but in human life. Priests are encouraged to spend time in a friendly mood and without any negative thoughts.