The father of Zhanna Friske said that the money went Rusfond

Vladimir Kopylov, the father died from brain cancer singer Zhanna Friske gave a Frank interview in which he told where the money goes the charity organization “Rusfond”. Facing the danger of losing the house, the parents of the actress found the same checks on 25 million rubles, which have a claim in the Fund.

Some of the costs the truth is, cause some misunderstanding. For example, paid nurses for ten thousand rubles, or call an ambulance for 25 thousand. But lawyers for the family have provided the checks, official documents, and therefore to ask now, not with anyone.
Vladimir told reporters that if he knew that they have such hard statements, it would save more checks.
“We gave the court all the checks that have been able to find, but if I knew that will have so here to report, it would save more of them. You know, during the illness of Jeanne, was somehow not up to it” — said Vladimir.
According to Kopylov, Jeanne could not give his consent to the transfer of funds for children with cancer, because at that moment her mind was already feared, as if mentally she was elsewhere and didn’t realize where she was and what was happening to her.
“She didn’t realize where it was located, what time of day, time of year. For example, we sat on the porch and on the phone someone said: “I am now in America, in a beautiful location around the flowers.” I said, “Honey, you’re in Moscow, we have on the porch!” In response, distractedly: “Oh,…” she was thinking clearly, but it was short moments. Her something always seemed to, seemed to” — said Kopylov and added that he doubted the authenticity of the signature of Joan at the documents, “Rusfond”.
Joan was treated, as already known, innovative vaccines. Drugs were experimental, because so far there is no single correct strategy of treatment of this disease. The treatment was very expensive and some medications have caused such complications that from them the hour had to give up. It was not cheap and moving Jeanne. So, airline “Trinity Charter group” parents Friske had to pay nearly four million rubles.
Kopylov complained in an interview that Dmitry Shepelev violates the court’s decision, according to which every third Saturday of the month he is obliged to give them and my wife to see Plato, the only child of Jeanne. Dmitry allegedly blocked their numbers and no connection with it. But the public did not believe these words of Vladimir and reminded him that he publicly scolded the judge for the unfair decision and said that basically will not meet her grandson for such conditions. The truth, as they say, is somewhere in the middle.

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