The father of Zhanna Friske said that the book about his daughter wrote is not the Dmitry Shepelev

Father Zhanna Friske Vladimir Kopylov, who, not reading the book the husband of his deceased daughter Dmitry Shepelev said that everything about her is a lie, and that he himself will write his book about her.

In the book “Jeanne” it is not so much about the feelings of Joan and Dimitri, but about her struggle with a deadly disease. Shepelev admitted that he really was important to tell only what you need without making there a “family misunderstanding”, the spike that we saw after the death of the popular singer. From the moment she was gone, the life of Dmitry and family Jeanne turned into hell. Charges coming from the parents of the artist, not being able to see the only grandson, a Finance charge, not stopping now.
Kopylov continues to call son-in-law failed the “vile person.”
“From make me a clown, I in all gears, I wanted to make it all right, and you’re sitting in the toilet or in the kitchen, wrote everything down, and then laid out a clever speech, measured.. the law of the boomerang has not been canceled” — has a lot of threats warnings Kopylov. He was sure that Dmitry is the author of the book, and really it was written a Gene, friend of Joan, living in Jurmala.
“There is not written about Joan, and about how good it is. And he wasn’t even involved in its treatment” — upset Vladimir. Moreover, soon he will write a book about her daughter, and a separate Chapter has pledged to devote Shepelevo.
“Shit I will not write. Will write how it was,” he said and open up (again) about the fact that Dmitri never loved Jeanne.
“Money he never had, he stole from a wealthy sweetheart and it lived. Joan he didn’t like, it’s a fairy tale” — said Vladimir.

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