The father of the twins Madonna was misinformed about adoption

No sooner had the Madonna to get enough of her new daughters Stella and Esther, as her happiness was marred by claims of his own father girls Adam Mali. As reported by the Western media, a man incredibly upset due to the fact that it forever divided daughters. He claims that he had been deceived. Alleged government of Malawi has promised that the American will only be the guardian of his children, after which they will be delivered safely home.
Mwale told the newspaper “The Mail” that it really wasn’t easy raising daughters alone after his wife’s death. So the twins were in state care. Adam himself worked like an ox, and once dreamed to take them home. He had no idea that the 58-year-old Madonna will take his children forever.

“I was told that Esther and Stella will go with a rich woman abroad. There she will raise them and give them a good education, then my daughter will come back to Malawi to live with me and to help my family. And now it became known that they were adopted forever. I can’t believe it, it can’t be. I am their father and always will be” said Adam.
Mwali also denied that he abandoned his children after his wife’s death – she died shortly after the birth of girls.
“I sent the children to the orphanage after the death of Patricia. Everyone in the village know that I wanted them to have a better life.. In court I was told to agree with everything I say. But I was deceived. I can’t believe will never see their children” said Adam.
Recall that the adoption order became known a few weeks ago. First Madonna denied this information, even despite the official statements of the authorities of Malawi. After the information is confirmed, and the actress said that incredibly happy to become a mother of two girls. To speed up the adoption process and she had to force the agreement regarding custody of the eldest son Rocco with former husband guy Ritchie. Now the guy lives with his father in London, they will finish school and if you wish to continue training. Mother will be seen only Sedqa.

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