The father of Serena Williams suffered a stroke

The joy of winning at Wimbledon for the famous American tennis player Serena Williams was marred by a family tragedy shortly before the tournament the athletes father Richard Williams had a stroke. His life was saved, but she is still unimportant. In addition, men started to have problems with memory.

Wife of Richard Lakisha Williams confirmed the information about the stroke and told reporters that last week he was discharged. The attack occurred almost on the eve of Wimbledon, but because Serena was difficult to play. However, the player managed to take himself in hand and for the seventh time to become a winner of the prestigious tournament. The athlete didn’t tell anyone about what happened with his father didn’t want her sympathy or asking unnecessary probing sadness questions.
“His condition improved, he even a little to move, but a hundred percent it is not restored. He still needs speech therapy, psychological and physical therapy. I try to control his condition, but he doesn’t want someone too patronize him, and do not wish to return to prison. So he calls the hospital. He thinks we want to send it back, but it is not” — said Lakisha.
74-year-old Richard doesn’t understand what happened to him and believes that he is the same as before. However, feels some difficulty with speech.
“We just give him time to pronounce all by yourself. I was with him long enough to understand what he was going to say. It’s like teaching a child. You must have patience and know that he will succeed” — said Lakisha.
Recall that the father was the first and most important coach in the life of Serena and her sister Venus.

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