The father of Britney Spears is enriched at the expense of his daughter

Since 2008, Jamie Spears became the guardian of his super daughter Britney. According to the court, any action relating to career or financial issues, the singer has to reconcile with his father. Jamie takes care of her daughter properly, but some people close to the family, assured that the man also uses the daughter for personal gain.

For example, Mr. Spears has decided to cash in on daughter’s thanks to her estate. The lawyer dealing with Jamie — Andrew Ouellet said that his client decided to buy Britney owned the estate for 59 688 dollars. And assured that is supposedly extremely good deal for Jamie and Britney. However, experts argue that in fact this object is many times more expensive, and Jamie just uses his position to Fund their own Bank account. Make it extremely simple – the Britney he was buying a house at the lowest price, sells it at the maximum. The difference, which will surely be a few tens of thousands of dollars, Jamie puts on your Bank account and continues to enjoy life. by the way, note that the guardian of his daughter, Mr. Spears is not on charitable basis. Every year, She pays the father a salary of 130 thousand dollars. And so for almost 9 years.

Why Britney is freed from his father’s supervision, is not clear.

In these 9 years, after which she had a complete breakdown because of the breakup with Kevin Federlayna, Spears fully recovered and restored. She resumed her career, continues to tour and draw a full house. Even found a new passion – Sam Asgari, who is younger than her 12 years. despite his age, Spears says that “madly in love” in a young man.

Earlier it was reported that Asgari changed Spears.

Source: 7days.ru
Photo: Ivona – bigmir)net

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