The family of the deceased girlfriend of Jim Carrey is going to destroy it

In September 2015, the makeup artist Catriona white committed suicide by taking a lethal dose of medication. This death could not attract the attention of the public, if it was not associated with a person known to the whole world. Relatives of Katrina in the girl’s death blamed as one of the best comedians of Hollywood Jim Carrey. According to relatives, the girl’s death came shortly after she learned that Kerry gave her a “bouquet” of venereal diseases, including hepatitis a, herpes, and chlamydia. Besides, Jim doesn’t admit his involvement in the disease ex-lover, noting that it has nothing to do with it.

But this public “destruction” of actor Jim Carrey family white ends.

In October, the mother of Catriona of Brigid Sweetman published the correspondence daughter with Jim. In a communication dated 28 January 2013 Catriona complains of symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. Jim tries to convince her that it was caused by the careless shaving bikini area or too intense sex, and then suggests that she could pick up something before meeting with him.

Three days after these messages, 31 Jan 2013, Kerry under the alias Jose Lopez goes for tests and he found the same disorder as Catriona.

Now the white family says that they are ready to stop any proceedings against Jim Carrey if he can prove that not sick with venereal disease during cohabitation with Catriona. Jim, in turn, calls it “a heartless attempt to cash in on tragedy” and “extortion.”


Source: starhit.ru
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