The family of Jeanne Friske lost in dealing with “Rusfond”

Parents and son of the late singer Zhanna Friske, who died from brain cancer, lost in court with the “Rusfond”. Now Vladimir and Olga Kopylova, and Dmitriy Shepelev as the father and guardian of the infant Plato, the only child of the artist. forced to return 21 million rubles, the fate of which was unknown.

“The claim suit. Recover solidarity with the three defendants: couples, mothers, Plato (Shepeleva) 21,633 million,” reads the verdict of the judge Sergey Sevastyanov.
Earlier, the lawyers of Dmitry, Vladimir and Olga tried to stop court proceedings, but these claims were rejected. A father of a young Plato shocked by this decision of the court and is ready to appeal. According to the lawyer, Olga, mother of Jeanne, two weeks before her daughter’s death nullified all of her Bank account, she has to answer.
“Plato did not enter into the inheritance of funds” — said the lawyer, puzzled by such a verdict. A little later Shepelev also said his word on a page in a social network.
“I’m glad that in the case of “Responde” was placed over “I”. Alas, the court decided to collect 21 million rubles of inheritance is: parents of Joan and our son, Plato. On the other hand it is good that more at anybody there is no doubt who took the charity money,” wrote Dmitry and added that neither he. nor his child had no access to money “Rusfond” and even they have not podpisalis. Despite the huge debt, “the hanged man” on his child, Shepelev admitted that he feels relieved that his conscience is clear, and the judge’s decision Sevastyanov cleared his trampled reputation.
Broadcaster once told me that Olga took the money shortly before the death of Jeanne, and it is obvious that they at that time already could not help the dying artist. As spent means parents of Joan, Dmitry did not even realize. For him one thing is clear – his son should not answer for the sins of their grandparents.
“I will continue to fight for the only thing important to me in this situation is the welfare and peace of my son and, of course, will appeal the court’s decision,” said Dmitry.

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