The exaltation of the Holy cross September 27, 2017

Every year on 27 September, new style all believers celebrating a religious holiday associated with finding relics. This day is dedicated to the end of the search of the cross on which the Saviour was crucified, and the indwelling of his Church.

According to legends, extant, after the crucifixion of Jesus the Gentiles have tried to erase from the Earth all evidence of his life. For this Calvary, where there was a terrible penalty, covered with earth, built on the site of the tragedy the pagan temple. However, followers of the Orthodox faith do not lose hope and 300 years after the destruction of the temple found three crosses. To learn about the authenticity of the relics were invited terminally ill woman. She touched the true cross and was healed from his infirmity, which once again confirmed the power of the Lord and his care for all living on Earth.

The celebration of the exaltation in 2017

Over all the faithful goes to Church to offer prayers to the Lord. The solemn Liturgy, beginning with the night, in the morning ends with the removal of the cross, who is worshiped by Orthodox Christians, receiving the Divine blessing.

On this day it is forbidden to work on the house. The priests warn that the feast of the exaltation should spend in prayers, dedicating all the time spiritual growth, and abandoning an idle pastime. Not worth it September 27, to participate in leisure activities, to eat foods prohibited by the post.

In folk tradition, this time meant preparing the animal world for the winter, so our ancestors refrained from Hiking in the woods, so as not to disturb the animals. To ensure that the day went well, every woman after the solemn Liturgy baked vegetable pie, which was served to all family members and unexpected guests. Sacred dough, baked with tender hands, contributed to the healing of diseases and served as a good protection from evil spirits.

The feast of the exaltation of the Holy cross guide together with loved ones, strengthening family ties. There are many signs and traditions of the Exaltation, which you can read on our website dailyhoro.ru. Wish you happiness and joy in life.