The exaltation of the cross: what is this holiday

The building is one of the most important Orthodox holidays. He was connected with the events of the 4th century of our era, the particular history of the finding of the cross in Palestine.

This feast, therefore, it is among the 12 main. Important its meaning, its symbolism, because the cross is a symbol of Christianity. Celebrate it around the world, but the date for the celebration varies.

The story of the finding of the cross

We are talking about the cross on which Jesus was crucified Christ. The Empress Helena went to Palestine in order to find the burial place of the Savior. When it was found, before them had three cross, so that at first they are unable to know which of them was crucified the Son of God. To resolve this issue helped an accident, when one of the women who helped to excavate the burial site, was healed from an incurable disease, touching the cross. According to legend, this cross even once raised a dead man — such was his power.

All these events formed the basis of one of the greatest holidays of Christianity. Approximately in the year 335 ad, the Church decided to begin an annual commemoration of the exaltation of the Holy cross. What is the full name of the festival so far. The Empress Helena, later numbered among the face of the saints, founded a Church in honour of the cross, but failed to live up to its opening.

In the modern world there are many fragments of the true cross. Of course, it is likely that some of them are not real, but in Jerusalem there is the largest part of the cross on which Jesus was crucified Christ. Some 15 countries have temples, where there are parts of the cross. They were stored in Russia, but now they are, unfortunately, no.

How to celebrate the exaltation of the cross

Exaltation in Russia has always been considered a very important date, and neperehodimyh. This means that the Exaltation is celebrated always on the same day — September 27. This is not a sad day, but it is full of spiritual meaning, because the cross is associated with Jesus ‘ death, with his great sacrifice.

The best prayer, which is read on the feast of Exaltation of the cross in churches and homes — the “Symbol of faith”. Of course, this prayer read in any other day, but few people think about what emphasis to what all the symbols associated with Jesus Christ, faith, Church.

Exaltation is the joy that we have a symbol, which means salvation. Through the Cross, we don’t need to look for a reason and getting closer to God. He is always with us when our cross is at the neck or when we are baptized.

On this holiday dedicated to him a separate associated icons, prayer, traditions. On the Exaltation of the clergy are advised to undergo extreme unction and communion, pray at home, and remember the kind words of his enemies and detractors. They say that in the Exaltation of the cross you have more chances to make peace with their enemies.

Every great holiday must not do without introspection. Try to answer the main question: “How do I become better?” Look for opportunities to develop their spiritual world, do good and smile more, then depression, autumn melancholy and problems will go by the wayside, making way for happiness.