The exaltation of the cross September 27: tradition and signs of the Exaltation

The building is one of the great Church events. To the troubles and failures have left you out, that observe traditions and superstitions of the holiday.

Every year on 27 September, the Orthodox Church remembers the event that took place many years ago in Jerusalem and the miraculous finding of the cross on which Jesus was crucified Christ.

Christians believe that in the Building there is a struggle between good and evil. By clicking on the link, you can learn more about the history of the feast of the exaltation of the cross.

In addition to the exaltation of the cross, this day is celebrated also the national holiday — the end of Indian summer, or Third Oseniny. So many of the traditions and superstitions of the holiday have not only religious but also national character.

The Tradition Of The Exaltation

Like any other Church festival, the most important tradition on the feast of Exaltation — a visit to temples and churches, listening to the divine liturgies. In many cities, is a procession. On this day prayed for the healing of loved ones, for a rich harvest next year, asked for deliverance from sins.

The cross is a special Orthodox relic symbolizing the suffering. So on this day should observe the strict fast. Previously it was believed that whoever neglects this tradition, God punishes the seven sins, and with one who did not eat fast food seven sins removes.

It was believed that prayers on this day have a special power. If this day sincerely pray or ask about something, it is sure to be fulfilled.

It was forbidden on this holiday to serve any meat dishes. It was believed that the man who had tried the meat of dead animal in this day kills all uttered prayers.

According to folk traditions, September 27, it was forbidden to walk in the woods. It was believed that on this day on forest walks, the devil and recalculates all the forest dwellers, and if he caught on the way people, way back from the forest, the traveller will not find.

The cross symbolizes divine protection. In ancient times those who wanted to protect their home and loved ones, on September 27 drew a cross on the doors of their homes. This tradition still exists in our time.

For the peasants this day is considered the end of Indian summer and the onset of autumn. Prior to that all matters relating to agriculture, must be completed.

Signs on the exaltation of the cross

Both believers and for those who are far from religion, this day was very important signs. And many random things took on sacred meaning.

September 27 — last day of Indian summer. It was believed that the autumn starts to turn towards winter.

In Russia in this day celebrated national holiday — the cabbage butterfly. Women who was serving the pies with cabbage, was considered a good housewife. Young girls and boys gathered this afternoon at the festival, the girls set the table, and the guys choose their brides.

27 September, multiple takes, heralded the onset of cold weather: birds fly South, the bears went into the den, and the snake was hiding in a hole.

Believers always put the spiritual meaning of Orthodox feasts. The exaltation of the cross along with Easter and Christmas for Christians is of particular importance. If you want to honor this great event, do not forget to respect the traditions and superstitions of the holiday, and then happiness will not pass you by. Peace to you and your home