The episode “foothold”: the actors, roles, release date and trailer – 24???

8 August 2017 on the channel “Russia 1” starts showing the new eight-serial detective film “fulcrum”. The picture is directed by Paul Snisarenko. A pleiad of wonderful artists – Alexander Lazarev-younger, Stanislaus Dudnikova, Elena Zakharova, Alexander Adabashyan, Robert Patrick, Anna Banshikova ensures that the series will be interesting.

Postgraduate student Alexander and antiquary Yakov Moiseevich – fulcrum talented physics Nagrywarka. Together, the heroes, using the method Nagrywarka, investigate complicated crimes. Actors and the role of the series “points of support” – in the material edition 24???.

Alexander Lazarev (Jr.) (Dennis Nehrebecki)
A series of fulcrum: actor Alexander Lazarev (Jr.) in the role of Denis Nagrywarka | rtr-vesti.ru

Denis Nehrebecki Professor of physics. While still a student, Denys invented a method of solving crimes – the “method of extra and missing details.” The invention of Denis uses to help a friend, the County Prosecutor.

The main role in the TV series “point of support” has played a people’s artist of Russia Alexander Lazarev-younger. Alexander Lazarev is one of the leading artists of the theater “Lenk”. Often appears in Russian TV series, played about 80 roles in movies. For the first time on the screen appeared a little boy in the movie-the play “the Mystery of Edwin Drood”. The most popular recent work: the Governor-General of Odessa Diamonds (“the Life and adventures of Mishka Yaponchik”), Vitaly Bolshakov (“Long way home”), count Razumovsky (“Catherine”).

Elena Zakharova (Alexander)
A series of fulcrum: actress Elena Zakharova in the role of Alexandra | rtr-vesti.ru

Alexander – a longtime friend of Denis Nagrywarka. Personal life young graduate students does not add up. A marriage of great love was a mistake. Sasha is secretly in love with Denis. However, does not know about this only the Professor himself.

Actress Elena Zakharova, who played in the TV series “fulcrum” Alexander, known to every lover of Russian melodrama. Debut of the actress in the movie took place in the movie Alexander Alexandrov “the Shelter of comedians” in 1995. Now filmography of the actress includes nearly 100 roles in movies. The most famous films with the participation of Elena Zakharova: “Love in a million”, “Seraphim beautiful”, “Kremlin cadets” etc. At the moment, the actress involved in the project “How to get my husband back in 30 days,” “Sunny Bunny”, “be careful when you leave”.

Alexander Adabashyan (Yakov Moiseevich)
The episode “foothold”: the actor Alexander Adabashyan in the role of Yakov Moiseevich | rtr-vesti.ru

Yakov Moiseevich became a family for the lonely Denis. However, the characters often linger in the antique shop Yakov Moiseevich, reviewing the circumstances of a new case.

Despite more than 140 roles in the movie, Alexander Adabashyan known primarily as a writer and artist. He wrote the screenplays to the films of Nikita Mikhalkov’s “unfinished piece for mechanical piano” “Five evenings” “Some days from the life of I. I. Oblomov”. Put the Opera in La Scala and the Mariinsky theatre. The actor known to audiences for his roles in the films “the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson”, “Sibiriada”, “Five evenings” etc.

Stanislav Doinikov (Dmitry Astrov)
The episode “foothold” – actor Stanislav Doinikov as Dmitry Astrov | rtr-vesti.ru

Dmitry Astrov – the Prosecutor of one of districts, a longtime friend Nagrywarka. Once the young people entered the MIPT. Later Dmitry changed his profession, but the friendship remained. Now, Dennis sometimes it helps to Dmitry in the investigation, using his own special method.

Stanislav Doinikov, who played in the TV series “fulcrum” of the Prosecutor Astakhov, remembered by the audience, first of all, the role of Mikhail Dotsenko in the TV series “Kamenskaya” and Laziness Voronin in the television sitcom “Voroniny”. The famous actor was playing a “Bomb” in the cult film “DMB”. Participated in the films “the Turkish gambit”, “Paragraph 78”, “Happiness is…”, etc. Now removed the picture of the “Nevsky spot” with the participation of the artist.

Dmitry Isaev
Actor Dmitry Isaev in the TV series “fulcrum” | kino-teatr.ru

Cyril – husband of Alexandra. Sasha’s father promised to arrange future Cyril. The death of his father prevented the plans of the young. Now the man all the failures he blames his young wife. Alexander escapes to friends, not to be in a difficult family situation.

Actor Dmitry Isaev became famous with the role of crown Prince Alexander Nikolayevich in the TV series “Poor Nastya”. Starred in 58 projects. The main role the actor played in the films “the sins of the fathers”, “the Return of the prodigal dad”, “Quartet for two”, “Full breath”, etc. In 2017, the screens out the picture “Lady and the hooligan” of Dmitry Isaev in the main role.

Anna Banshchikova
Actress Anna Banshchikova in the TV series “fulcrum” | politros.com

In the TV series “fulcrum” starred Anna Banshchikova. For the first time on screen, the actress appeared in a small role in the film, Dmitry Astrakhan “You at me one”. Anna was lucky enough to start working in cinema on the same set with Alexander zbrueva and Marina Neelova. Now the list of projects Anna Banshikova more than 80 roles in the movie. Famous actress brought to the part in the TV series “Streets of broken lights” and “Kamenskaya”. Now, the actress starred in the role of Alexandra Kushnir in the film “Beagle-2”.

Anton Makarsky
Actor Anton Makarsky in the TV series “fulcrum” | rtr-vesti.ru

The audience will also see in the film of Anton Makarska. First popularity came to the actor with the role of Andrei Dolgoruky in the TV series “Poor Nastya”. The appearance of the name Anton in the credits ensures the film’s success. The latest films with the participation of Anton Makarsky: “Fate called love”, “Citizen One”, “Not a couple”, “son of the father”, etc. the Actor plays in musical performances. She starred in the musicals “Metro” and “Notre Dame de Paris”.

The episode “foothold” – official trailer (video):