The energy of the words that will attract prosperity, and which will push your luck

Words have a certain energy vibration that will attract into our lives prosperity, or, conversely, scare off good luck. Words with negative energy is best avoided, so as not to inadvertently attract trouble.

Every word contains a special impulse that provokes the Universe for a response. With a digital code you will be able to determine which words have a negative vibration, and to exclude them from your vocabulary. Map each letter of the alphabet with a number, and then put pochivshaya value to a Prime number. For example, the word “life” translated into numerical example would look like this: 8+1+9+6+3=27=9. In order for your life no place for failures, use proposed by the site team dailyhoro.ru recommendations.

1: A, AND, B.

2: B, TH, T, S.

3: E, K, U, Ü.

4: G, L, F, E.

5: D, M, X, Y.

6: E, H, C, Y.

7: E, O, H

8: F, P, Sh

9: W, P, S

Energy words

Words, whose code is equal to the unit, contain negative vibrations that carry negative energy. Numerologists believe that such aggressive words affect our biofield and give rise to egoism, aggression and intolerance. These words should be deleted, in order not to provoke the Universe to retaliatory adverse action.

Deuce in the digital code words reflects the positive vibration associated with prosperity and luck. These words should be consumed as often as possible, to gain the Universe. Vibration of these words can bring into your life with enthusiasm, good humor and open heart for love.

Words that form a digital code threeis able to enter into your life. In order to secure wealth and prosperity, use only those expressions that are not calling for negative or destructive actions. Numerology refers to the three numbers, bringing creative energy.

Wordsfour projecting your emotions in life. Depending on the emotional color, these words can change your life for the better and for the worse. Numerologists recommend to abandon the use of words with the negative particle “not” carrying the energy of your impotence and unwillingness to develop. The peculiarity of these words is a call to action, physical development, desire to improve.

The vibration of numbers, five is responsible for the harmony and comfort of your home, friendly family relationships. If you want to attract into your life family well-being and rid the house of negative energy, often pronounce words with a numeric code of five in the home and in the presence of dear people.

Words-six responsible for the abundance and prosperity. With their help, you will be able to engage in a life of financial abundance. Your life will change for the better, if you start to use the words with this code. However, the team site dailyhoro.ru recommends to choose only positive statements that will alienate you money luck. For example, the word “nightmare” is not valid.

Seven is responsible for the success and well-being. Vibration of words that have such a code, able to quickly guide you on the path to wealth. Numerologists often advised to utter these words at work, especially before important Affairs. So as not to frighten luck, to respond to the vibration of the sevens, it is recommended to use a good luck charms.

Eight refers to the numbers calling for responsibility and motivate a person to take on the day. Words that have a code of eight, have a positive effect on the subconscious, helping each to cope with difficulties. Also eight is responsible for the health, so the frequent utterance of such expressions will strengthen your immune system.

The negative vibration associated with the code nine, adversely affect the destiny of man. They are able to take good luck, so numerologists recommend the use of words and expressions with this code only if you are sure that you will be able to avoid the negative consequences. Words-the Niners have a feature of the embodiment in real life, and experts of the website I urge everyone to orderly handling of such expressions.

Any expression you say could trigger unexpected turns in life. Words-the promises can be useful in life if they program you for success. Numerologists call to closely monitor what you say and the way you pronounce words. Remember that emotional exclamations the most powerful, because we invest in them strong feelings.