The eldest son Plushenko — a copy of the Pope

Eugene showed the boy

Son Evgeni Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya have all seen many times before. Pictures of little Sasha regularly appear in microblogs parents and his godfather Dima Bilan. But the son from his first marriage skater long concealed. It was known only that he exists, his name is Egor and he was eleven years old. But now, for the first time, “Instagram” Plushenko reported first-born in the foyer of the cinema.

“With my son Greg, look like?”, — asked Eugene at the subscribers.

Externally, the first-born was just a copy of a famous father, what champion said the fans. They are very sorry that Eugene had a bad breakup with his first wife Maria Ermak. As a result of divorce Egor got my mom’s name, and two-time Olympic champion — the prohibition of communication with the heir. Maria allowed his son to see his father.