The eighth season will be the last for the series “the vampire Diaries”

The eighth season will be the last for the series “the vampire Diaries”

After eight years, two accidents on wickery bridge and the countless witch tricks “the vampire Diaries” (The Vampire Diaries) is ready to put an end to the history of Stefan and Damon Salvatore. During a press conference at the festival “Comic-Con” series showrunner Julie Plack announced that the eighth season will be the last drama.

“The greatest honor in the television business to be able to make such decisions with colleagues. We discussed everything and puts everything in place, ” said Plack. The coming season will be the last… the Separation remains bitter and very emotional.”

For loyal fans of the show, this news does not come as a surprise. One of the stars of “the vampire Diaries” Nina Dobrev left the show after the sixth season, and Ian Somerhalder and Katerina Graham previously said in interviews that the eighth Chapter for them is likely to be the last.

As for the finale of “the vampire Diaries, Julie Plack repeatedly mentioned that the ending they came up with Kevin Williamson during the release of the second season. In addition, fans of the series can expect to return in the finale Nina Dobrev. According to Plack, leaving the actress has expressed a willingness to return to the set of The Vampire Diaries, so logically and beautifully complete the story of Elena.

The final season of “the vampire Diaries” will be aired on the CW channel on October 21.


Source and photo: lostfilm.tv