The eighth season of “Game of thrones” will be the last

The end of the series “Game of thrones”is close. At the meeting in this weekend’s press conference the Director of the popular TV show HBO Cassie Bloyce admitted that the eighth season of the series will be the last.

“The authors of the project initially identified a number of seasons for “Game of thrones”. Believe me, if my opinion was influenced by this question, we would have removed at least ten seasons, but they are firmly convinced that for a project so it will be better,” said Cassie frustrated fans. However, they have one idea, which can not but rejoice – the authors of Arial do not exclude the possibility of filming the spin-off.
“We have already discussed the idea of a wide angle of the spin-off, and I only support her, but now we can’t talk about this seriously, because the authors of our day and night working on the completion of the seventh season. So no real plans yet,” he said and added that the last, eighth season, viewers will be able to see in 2018, but how much of it will series of, as yet unknown.

Source: http://m.huffpost.com
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