The eighth book about Harry Potter will be the last

The eighth book about Harry Potter will be the last

Books about Harry Potter has conquered the world. Author JK Rowling created these bestsellers about a child wizard. That’s just Harry has grown up. After all, it was written 8 books about him.

Rowling has decided that the story about the Potter must come to an end. All filmed history, theatrical productions and themed amusement Park talking about her work.

“Harry is waiting for a big trip, and I think that we are finished,” Rowling said in an interview Entartainment weekly.

Came here for the eighth book. As reported by Rowling, the story in the book about the new generation of heroes. The Central character is the son of Harry Potter. And the events take place 19 years later after described in 7th part.

“You know, this story (new book — approx. ed.) have about a new generation of heroes. Yes, I am very pleased to see how nicely it’s implemented, but Harry is now definitely dead now,” added Rowling.


Source and photo: tochka.net