The ecclesiastical new year September 14, 2017: beginning of the Indiction

The ecclesiastical new year is an important stage for the Christian world. It is also called the beginning of a new Church year, the beginning of the Indiction. This event opens the beginning of the history of the New Testament.

It neperehodimyh the occasion, so to speak. The Indiction has many meanings, but in almost every case the word means the beginning of a period. In Orthodoxy, the Indiction is called the beginning of the Church year and cycle of services. It from 14 September begins the Church calendar.

The meaning of the holiday

Every holiday in Christianity refers to some events from the gospel. Any celebration or post displays a story from the New Testament. Associated the holidays with the saints, apostles, Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.

The new Testament story of Jesus Christ begins not with his birth, and the Nativity of the virgin. In Orthodoxy the Heavenly intercessor is considered the beginning of all beginnings, because without it there would be no Christ, there would be no Salvation. The new year seems to be showing us that everything is repeated again and again. Every year we have to remember each stage of this history, to give him credit. Every holiday has its own meaning, the studying of which we study the history of the salvation of our souls.

None of the events in the life of Christ and the virgin Mary was not accidental. This is what shows us the new year. The Church honors this holiday, so September 14 is always held special services in the churches. It’s kind of a New year for the Church and all Christians.

How to celebrate the new year

The clergy claim that it is one of the best moments to go to Church and take communion. On this day, people ask forgiveness from all those hurt within the Church year, give gifts related to faith and religion: icons, calendars and more.

The people always believed that Orthodox New year should mean an update of a spiritual nature. People are very responsible attitude to face the new year. This day followed summer and met autumn. Even in the early period of Russian history around this time, people met autumn songs and dances. Beginning of the Indiction in Christianity is not a holiday typically positive. Rather, it has a symbolic character. It represents a period of spiritual renewal.

As for the prayers in the new year, then the restrictions and instructions there. On this important day, you can read all the prayers that will allow you to strengthen your faith and usher in a new stage. It can be as “our father” and “creed” or some other common prayer.