The Dukes of Cambridge demanded 1.5 million euros for publishing Topless photos

The Dukes of Cambridge are preparing to sue a glossy magazine Closer. The reason for the proceedings was the images published on the pages of the publication in September 2012. Of scandal these photos added by Kate Middleton on them, she is shown sunbathing Topless. Just Closer published 12 pictures of the wife of the heir to the throne of great Britain, which later was replicated in the entire world.

According to the Dukes of Cambridge, those pictures have caused them moral and reputational damages. In the edition of Closer are convinced that the pictures of the Duchess in any case not to humiliate the dignity of Middleton. According to them, the photographs of “beautiful, loving and modern” couple.

However, the lawyer said that this morning the staff of a glossy magazine appeared before the court in Nanterre on charges of violation of the right to privacy. Prince William and his wife has all the chances to win the case and receive compensation, which in case of successful resolution of the case will be equal to 1.5 million euros.

Source: news.rambler.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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