The driver of Kim Kardashian arrested as a suspect in the robbery

Yesterday, the media reported that during the operation to arrest suspects in the October robbery of the American TV star Kim Kardashian has been arrested fifteen people. Today it became known that the circle of suspects has expanded to two persons, and one of these people – the driver of the limo, which the family of a celebrity is often hired during his visits to Paris.

As reported by the newspaper Le Monde, 27-year-old driver knew all the points of the moving star, and was the last person to see Kim before the robbery. Among the other suspects – three women and even the elderly 72-year-old man passing in as “Pierre B.”. Five personalities robbers also installed. Their names have not been announced, said only that it was men under the age of 55 years.
Operation on detention of criminals was held in the village of Grasse in the South of France where the attackers were hiding. Currently, the police establish details of the robbery.
Recall that in October last year Kim Kardashian with her sisters called for a Week of high fashion in Paris. Late in the evening one day, the TV star was left alone – cousin and the guards went to the local club to have fun. Nothing boded trouble, and Kim was calm in a five star hotel. Suddenly the room Kardashian rushed five armed bandits, dressed in the uniform of the police. They tied the frightened half to death, Kim left her tied up in the bathroom. Having stolen jewelry at $ 11 million, the robbers escaped.
The American took a long time to cope with them. The stress affected her nervous system and as not only her family but her husband in November last year, Kanye West landed with a nervous breakdown in a specialized clinic, and continues to undergo treatment. The very same Kim admitted that her autoimmune disease psoriasis started progressing, and now she notices its effect on the skin.

Source: http://www.eonline.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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