The day of the beheading of John the Baptist September 11, 2017

September 11 will be a celebration of the Day of the beheading of John the Baptist. Despite the fact that according to Church tradition, this day is celebrated solemnly, that is on holiday, wearing a funereal character.

John the Baptist is a significant personality for Christian believers. Becoming a Baptist Jesus, he helped people become closer to God, evoked in the hearts of the believers the respect, love and faith to God. Extensive and the activities of the Baptist of God. As a preacher, he told the believers about the wrath of God, the necessity of repentance. One of the major prophecies John the Baptist was the news about the coming of the Messiah. With the Day of the beheading of associated ancient folk superstitions and conspiracies.

The history of the holiday

Becoming a Great Baptist of Jesus Christ, John continued his preaching, calling people to repentance and love for God. People respected and honored him as a fair and wise prophet.

At that time, Herod, who broke one of the main commandments of God — “thou shalt Not covet the neighbor’s wife” — married to Herodias, his brother’s wife. John openly admitted to Herod in his exposé, for which he was imprisoned. And the daughter of Herodias, Salome, was asked to bring her on a platter the head of John the prophet. And as if Herod wanted to save the life of John the Baptist, he was forced to fulfill the request of Salome, and sent the executioner to the prisoner. Soon Salome and her mother got on a platter the head of John the Baptist.

How to celebrate the holiday

Events associated with the life of John the Baptist, revered by the Church and is always celebrated in a special way. This day is not accepted to fun, gambling and a lavish feast. On the contrary, believers must abandon the lush delicacies and tribute to the tragic event observe a strict fast.

On this day you should pray for forgiveness, for the admonition of sinners and help them. Strictly forbidden prayers for the dead.

In our country was not built in a Church dedicated to the Martyr John, and annually on September 11 in each of these churches held festive services. As a rule, the morning service starts earlier and the evening worship believers a Great holiday.

September 11, in the temples you can hear Church sermons addressed to the faithful, and prayers to God.

In this day the Church of the Nativity of John Predette in Suzdal will honor the prayers of the memory of the Great Baptist of God. Early in the morning everyone can attend worship and confession, dedicated to this Holy day.

Church of the beheading of John the Baptist in Djakova invites all to the divine Liturgy at 8 am. Also, Pokrovskaya diocese 8 am will conduct a service at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Engels. A prayer service will be suffering from the malady of alcoholism and drug addiction. Here visitors can hear the prayers in the healing of people with serious harmful addictions — alcoholism and drug addiction.

In the Church of the beheading of John Predtechi in Portepee believers are also invited to attend the evening service in which to pray for the souls of the sinful people.

In the Church of the beheading of John Predtechi under the Bor in Moscow at 9 a.m. to begin the Liturgy. And at 18.00 you will be able to attend the evening service.

Kirovsky Church of the beheading of John Predtechi will carry through the streets a procession, in which can participate by anyone.

In day of memory of St. John the Baptist mass banned and noisy festivities. To honor the memory of the Holy Martyr you can in the walls of temples and churches. In addition, this day also decided to pay tribute to fallen soldiers.

When visiting temples and churches on September 11, you don’t just become a part of this celebratory atmosphere — you can pray for the afflicted, sinners, for people who have not yet found faith in the Lord. As John the Baptist was preaching faith and love to God, and you lay hope that all who have not found religion, one day will certainly find it. Be happy and healthy