The daughter of Sergei Bodrov gave his first interview after the death of his father – 24???

19-year-old Olga, the daughter of iconic actor and Director Sergey Bodrov, studying in one of the theater schools of the Russian capital. Teachers and classmates of the girl say that she does not advertise their relationship with the star of Russian cinema, reports StarHit.

Olga graduated from school with a gold medal. After secondary school she decided to become an actress, went to enter the theater University. She enrolled in the University theater, in the Studio of Leonid Heifetz. Today Olga Bodrova continues study.

In an interview to the press, Olga told that doesn’t deserve public attention, as only a sophomore at the University and even starred in major films. As you know, Olga has participated in the filming of the short film.

Sergei Bodrov and his daughter Olga “I have nothing to congratulate yet,” said Olga.