The daughter of Michael Jackson was supposed to marry

Eighteen-year-old daughter of the king of pop Michael Jackson so miss a normal family that is ready in your tender age to create your own. Groom Paris Jackson is “bad boy” Michael Snoddy which, according to her relatives, “teaches her bad.” But when the opinion of numerous relatives stopped willful girl?

26-year-old rocker and daughter of Michael Jackson had met at AA meetings, which soon left together and decided that they themselves know how to deal with their dependencies. At the moment they meet, the young people it was enough to understand – they will live happily ever after, and all they need now is a hurry to get married.

“Paris said Katherine and Joe (Michael’s parents, his guardians – approx.ed.) that will soon marry Michael, and that cannot wait to be Mrs. Snoddy. The Jacksons are skeptical about their relationship and believe that anything good they did not succeed. Family hopes Paris will change their mind and will not make fatal mistakes, “—said the insider. Relatives of Michael sure that the groom Paris pushes her to alcoholism and all these tattoos, which lately appear on the body of the girl, as drawings on the back page of the notebook in high school. Of course, pasania relatives is the last thing that bothers Paris.

Source: http://radaronline.com
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