The daughter of Matt Le Blanc not interested in the TV series “Friends”

Twelve-year-old Marina, daughter of the famous actor Matt LeBlanc does not even know how cool her daddy. The girl was never interested in the popular TV series 90s “Friends”, in which her father played Joey Tribbiani. About this the artist himself said in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

“At least she’s aware of how you’re cool and popular?” — Ellen asked her guest.
“I don’t think that considers me cool. Her friends and classmates are already watching the show “Friends”, but she considers it boring, particularly because of my participation in it. Parents always suck, you know. Marina watched a few episodes and said, “there’s too much of my father, I don’t like it”” complains Joey Matt.

Marina LeBlanc gave birth to ex-wife Melissa McKnight, with whom he once brought her children from a previous marriage, Tyler and Jacqueline. And eldest adopted daughter, with whom he has a very close relationship, and his child, visited him in London for the filming of the program Top Gear from the BBC, which he is leading. Matt also took his daughters to a Bruce Springsteen concert and was introduced to Prince Harry.
“Goodbye Prince Harry kissed my daughters cheek, and they just blossomed. Me he did not kiss” — joked Matt.

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