The daughter of Joseph Prigozhin told about his threats

Black PR is also PR. Danae Prigogine, who recently announced his intention to change his surname to Volkova, decided to continue to wash dirty linen in public. Nineteen-year-old girl who dreams of fame, talked about the fact that his own father, the famous producer threatened her.

On his page in the social network, Danae wanted to comment on all that was written about it in the media.
“To begin with. Dear members and favorite media! I do not weigh 120 kg, and 30 kg less. I never demanded from his father of money! I contain myself! Yes, a disabled (hearing), but it does not bother me to live! I recently do not respond to the message of the father, because it rained threat! I’ll never wonder I did not insist more. God sees everything. My Instagram is locked, I’m sure it’s not without the hands of the father! Wish him luck, about “will be given by the court for insulting the honor and dignity”! Although I did not offend! There is no love and never will be!” — said the girl.
Yet Prigogine said that she wasn’t even sure to change the name, especially because people living with it very much.
“I think Prigogine a lot, and that all needs to change? There’s a fine man Evgeny Prigozhin, a businessman, he is, I think, should not change the name. All the goodness, love, happiness! God sees everything, I honest to God!” — she added.
No one thought she was lying about the threats from his father, this promises to spread his messages.
We will remind that scandal between father and daughter began (or worsened) after this went to the project “House-2”, to get their portion of fame. The girl resents the father because of the fact that he does not wish to engage in its promotion, at the same time, helps the children of his wife Valerie.
Prigogine believes that Dan should learn first, and that “not all can become stars, some have no talent.” With respect to its participation in a reality TV project Joseph spoke very nasty to his daughter. “The family has its black sheep,” he said and advised Dan not to dishonor the name, if not change it. Girl decided to achieve popularity in any way, even if controversial.

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