The daughter of Joseph Prigogine boasted a car for 2 million

And you at 19 years of dreaming about new car? Yes difficult, and “white horse” BMW x3?

You dreamed, and Danae Prigogine received it.

On his page in the social network, the girl published a photo, which showed off his brand new machine.

“Visiting is good, but home is best, sweetie,” wrote the heiress to the famous surname.

Barely post was published, under it there were a lot of comments where members congratulated leased with a “new family member”.

“The coolest car I have ever seen. Let’s ride sometime?”, “Danae,nice and peaceful roads,” “Danae, you are so beautiful, I sincerely wish you happiness and health,” “Krutyshka” “Beauty with a cool car,” commented a photo of fans. While some rejoiced, others wondered who was the sponsor purchase such an expensive car. It is known that the prices of cars of this model start from 2 million rubles.

The idea that it might be daddy’s girls Joseph Prigozhin is unlikely, because the relationship between Dan and Joseph did not add up. Really Prigogine bought a car? We will remind, recently a girl won a beauty contest. Perhaps there was an incredibly large prize pool…

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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