The daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z will learn vocals for $19 thousand a year

Beyonce and Jay Z not long ago changed residence. The family became residents of Los Angeles, which, as they themselves admit, they loved it.

Musicians tend to take advantage of all the benefits of the West coast, including to give her daughter the best education there can be.

The couple decided to engage in creative development of their only child and they gave blue ivy in a private school that specializiruetsya the vocal abilities of the children. Apparently, parents want to make the girls decent artist, which would be adored by millions.

Close to Beyonce, the source said: “They moved to Los Angeles because I wanted to see their daughter went to this school.” By the way, the educational institution of the star pair were advised by the actress Gwyneth Paltrow, and learning it costs 19 thousand dollars a year. Not so expensive, agree.

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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