The daughter of a tennis player Kafelnikov admitted that he hates Russia, but later took back his words

Famous people should be held accountable for every word they utter. Does not answer for his words the daughter of the famous tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov, who said that hates their country – Russia?

At the moment, 18-year-old Ales Kafelnikov is in London, where he works as a model. While abroad, she decided to record a video in which extremely negative comments about Russia, he says he hates this country and the people who live here. Note that in the dislike of the home Ales was recognized in the English language, often inserting curse words.

“I do not love Russia. Only in Russia used by people. It’s awful. I think that’s everywhere, but in Russia it happens all the time! I’ve got a career in another country, I should be proud of. People ask me why I hate Russia? Of course, I hate Russia!, – started her emotional speech Kafelnikov. I want my country to be proud of me, but you are not proud of me, and just gossiping! I don’t like Russian mentality: people care more about themselves than about others. If you’re a star, hate you, don’t love you, gossip about you!”.

Ales also admitted that contrary to General view that her famous parents to help her, in fact it is not. Kafelnikov says that her parents provided her with the apartment, car and comfortable life. the girl has to live with the other models in the same apartment, ride the subway and spend 10 pounds a day.

A few hours later, after a fierce Network of intense discussion of the behavior of the girls, she had to go back to society. This time Ales said that it was not well understood and in fact she was talking about something else: “I Want to apologize to those offended. I may not have enough knowledge of the English language to correctly convey the information in my posts. I meant absolutely another. […] I am sad that my countrymen find fault with me because I work in Europe, and I need support. I love Russia and care about what happens in it! It’s a tough time, you need to support the country, not to find fault with her!”.

Source: dni.ru, dni.ru
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