The crown Prince of Thailand was shocked by his appearance in Munich

Today, all the world media are discussing the appearance of the heir to the Thai throne Maha Vajiralongkornthat a few hours ago arrived in Munich on an official visit. Looking at it, it becomes clear why his 88-year-old father holds the throne. 63-year-old Prince arrived in jeans.. and a white top, opened to the world a tattoo on the monarch’s body.

Photos and videos with such a strange appearance already flew around the world, and just did blew up the Internet. First wrote about this German publication Bild,
While everyone made fun of and resent such a violation of etiquette, and other tabloids doubt that this information is true. In particular, the poodle, which captured the throne Maha Vajiralongkorn and signed by journalists as fu Fu and in fact he had, but last year went the other world. Maybe Prince has got herself a new pet with the same name, or is it not at all? Controversy about this still lasts in the network.

Source: http://www.bild.de
Photo: http://www.bild.de

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