The creators of “the Simpsons” will release episode with a duration of one hour

Fans of the popular animated series “the Simpsons” is waiting for a big surprise. The creators of kultproekt soon unveil a new episode that will last for an hour. This series will be shown on Fox in January of next year.

As reported by ComicBook, a new episode will be called “the Great Fatsby” (“The Great Phatsby” in the original), and a key figure in it will be Mr. burns, which due to the intrigues of a producer will lose all your money. Homer and Bart Simpson have to help the poor to restore justice.
It is reported that the guests of the new issue will be Taraji P. Henson, which will appear in the role of wife of Mr. Borsa, and kigen-Michael Key known as the rapper.
“Pray that this series was not the last that viewers will see before the inauguration of Donald trump” joked al Jean, Executive producer of the series. His fears are justified. Earlier the creators of released the pre-election series in which severely ridiculed the representative of the Republican party of Donald trump running for President.
Recall that the 28th season of “the Simpsons” will be released on September 25.

Source: http://comicbook.com
Photo: http://comicbook.com

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