The creators of “the Clinic” gave hope for the return of the TV show

We live in a time when for lack of original and interesting idea for a film or television projects, workers of the entertainment industry “bring to life” the completed projects. It happened, for example, “the x-files,” “twin peaks,” “Gilmore Girls”. The same fate may have overtaken the sitcom “the Clinic” (also known as “Interns”).

About the possibility of filming the sequel to this Comedy series was recently announced, starring Zach Braff. Answering questions from fans about whether to wait for the sequel, the actor hinted that nothing is impossible.

“You never know, but that’s what we all are discussing — written by Braff. — I am very jealous of the attention around the “Gilmore Girls” and “Full house”, so from time to time we bring the subject up.So it is possible. I wouldn’t mind”.

Recall the “Clinic” is an American Comedy-drama television series on the work and lives of Junior doctors, which first appeared on small screens in 2001. For 9 years, this TV story delighted the audience with a non-trivial demonstration of the work of physicians.

Source: intermedia.ru
Photo By: GdeFon

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