The coaches of “the Voice” ridiculed the marriage of Pelagia with Ivan by Telegina

Leaders and mentors of “the Voice” laugh at the singer’s marriage with Pelagia hockey player Ivan by Telegony.


It is known that for a long time Pelageya refused to share information about marriage with Russian hockey player Ivan by Telegony. They got married last summer, and she already had the baby. In a recent interview she said that she had a very difficult time in my life without a family. She returned to live in her house and waited, only silence. Now she is back at the project “Voice-6”.

During the selection of participants, she talked about funny conversation with his mother. Her mom said that now she Pelageya Telegin, and then compared it with the image of women in boots on the cart. She also added that it is wrong “to entertain the people”. The entire hall started laughing, even Alexander Gradsky could not resist and added a couple of sentences about her husband. He even called her jokingly, “Madam Telegin”.