The Church calendar of posts for 2018

Posts in Orthodoxy and Christianity in General are an integral part of the life of any believer. They needed to cleanse the soul and getting closer to God.

Most often, the posts are preceded by some important event, holiday. For example, the Dormition fast precedes the feast of the assumption of the blessed virgin. Many of the posts can have a floating date. Church calendar for 2018 will help you not miss a time of austerity.

Multi positions in 2018

Multi positions are the most important, because they precede the major feasts. The Church recommends a very careful approach to the implementation of the rules of each such post.

Lent — beginning February 19, ends April 7. This is the most important post of all. He is dedicated to the celebration of the great Passover, the Resurrection of the Lord. Lent symbolizes the forty day fast of Jesus Christ himself, when the 40 days and nights spent in the desert without food. The Savior repeatedly visited by the devil who tried to tempt him. It is therefore necessary to get rid of the temptations and sinful desires in these days. Drop your bad habits, give up TV, from all that alienates you from the Lord. The more you will be able to find things which can be postponed, the better. Of course, absolute asceticism in the modern world is almost impossible, but try to find something what you will not harder, then you will receive spiritual power.

The last and the first week of Great lent — the most important time. The last week is also called Holy, because this is the time Jesus Christ endured terrible tortures and were crucified. The first Monday, February 19, is also called Clean Monday. On this day it is forbidden to take any food. Of course, the rigor of fasting does not apply to those who are sick or infirm or for some good reason cannot obey rules of fasting. This is also necessary to remember.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in lent are allowed to eat only the food cooked on the fire. It can be bread, fruit, vegetables, salads. No butter, no meat, eggs and other things. Animal food is strictly forbidden during all days of this post. On Tuesday and Thursday you can eat hot, and on weekends you can add to food oil.

Special days of lent — April 7, the feast of Annunciation and palm Sunday, April 1, when, according to tradition, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. In these two days you can eat fish and drink wine. There is still a day like St. Lazar’s day, which is celebrated on March 31. In this day you will eat fish eggs. April 6, good Friday, Jesus Christ was crucified. Can not be there at all until, until the newfound shroud.

This is a heavy post, but with proper mood it will pass quite quickly and quietly. You only need to set yourself on the right wave, to fully feel the spirituality of this period.

The fast of the apostles — beginning June 4, ending 11 July 2018. This is the second stage of the post in 2018, which is called also Apostolic. It always starts during the week of all saints, therefore, have such a title. Date start turning, because the Resurrection of the Lord from year to year, change the date, and the Apostolic post tied to the date of Easter. Petrov post always ends at the same time — July 12. The length of the post may vary from 8 to 42 days.

The saints, like Jesus Christ himself often fasted and constantly prayed, observing abstinence from food and entertainment. Their way of life was hard, most ended it tragically. This post is dedicated to all the saints, who spread the Holy word on earth. At this time too, better to ignore the Internet and television, but the rules are less stringent than the Charter, for a Great post. On Wednesdays and Fridays, you can eat fruits and vegetables with bread. Mondays are already allowed hot food cooked on the fire, and on other days you can eat fish and eat oil.

Dormition fast — the beginning 14 August, ending August 27. Third stage post dedicated to the Dormition of the blessed virgin. This is a post with neperehodimyh date, because the assumption is celebrated always on August 28. For two weeks people pray and live in humility, to honor thus the memory of the virgin Mary, who sacrificed her life to give birth to Jesus Christ and help him to fulfill his destiny.

Before she had become pregnant by the Holy spirit, and before the death of the virgin Mary was visited by an angel and warned that it will have to endure. Every time the blessed mother was humble and pure. Before his death, she fasted and lived in prayer. That is why was installed Dormition fast. Is a tribute to all mothers who pray for their children.

As for eating the food, the rules are identical to the lent — Mondays xerophagy, Tuesday and Thursday allowed food hot, and on weekends from oil. On the feast of the Transfiguration August 19, you can eat fish and drink red wine. Of course, wine consumption should be moderate.

Advent — the beginning 28 November 2018, ending January 6, 2019. In 2018 the first days after the New year — lean, because the 7 January we will be celebrating the brightest holiday in Christianity is Christmas. At the end of the year will begin a new Christmas post, which will combine 2018 and 2019. Start date and end date never changes. Lent is 40 days long, but it does not have a large number of prohibitions. By itself, it is a bit more easy and simple than other posts.

Xerophagy provided by the rules only on Wednesdays and Fridays. As for Monday, the first day of the week in advent you can eat hot food without oil. Other days you can eat fish, vegetable oil, cereals. All this is true only until December 19. Special attention is paid to the feast of the presentation of the blessed virgin. No matter what day or fell this holiday, in this time, you can eat fish. After December 19 it became stricter. You can not have fish products in any of the days except weekends. January 6, you can’t eat at all before the appearance of the sky the first star. Traditionally, you eat rice with raisins or honey dishes.

Solid week

Solid week — this-week post, which requires abstinence from animal food, and continuous prayers. Wednesdays and Fridays of the weeks are free from prohibitions. All weekly posts in 2018, will be five:

Christmas after Christmas. From 7 to 17 January, you can eat meat every day;
week of the Publican and the Pharisee. This week starts the preparation for lent. From 29 January to 3 February, you can eat meat. Week lasts 6 days;
carnival. From 12 till 18 Feb forbidden to eat meat. This is the last week before lent;
the week after Easter. From 9 to 14 April you can eat meat;
Trinity week. From may 28 to June 3, also can eat meat. Week dedicated to the celebration of the Holy Trinity.
Other important days

It is worth noting that the Church established fast days in each week. It is not that important lean times as a full-fledged multi-day posts, but still. Many believers, and without exception, priests observe weekly fasting on Wednesday and Friday. Earlier we talked about the weeks when a post is set to all days except Wednesdays and Fridays. In normal times, in contrast, Wednesday and Friday are days of fasting. This is not done just so. This Wednesday Jesus Christ was betrayed by Judas. On Friday, the Messiah was crucified on the cross. These days are forbidden to eat meat and use dairy products. On Friday and Wednesday of the last week of advent is forbidden to eat even the fish and cook in butter.

In the twelve great holidays are permitted on Wednesday or Friday to eat fish. If these two days fall out weeks great holidays, breaks less visible — removed the ban on vegetable oil.

Special fasts one day in 2018

Epiphany Eve. January 18 will be the last day before Baptism. This is an important date, which requires the observance of strict fasting. You can’t eat fish but you can cook in oil.

Beheading of John the Baptist. September 11 is the commemoration day of the prophet John. Fasting is obligatory.

The Exaltation Of The Cross. September 27 is also impossible to eat the fish, but in honor of the holiday dedicated to the symbol of the Christian faith — the life-giving cross of the Lord.

Any post should not go you in the negative in terms of health. Clergymen say that there is no point in fasting if you are ill or weak. The old people are allowed not to fast, as well as children and those who are seriously ill. Try in any of the posts to partake. Go often to confession and lead a godly life.

If you want to start fast, start to do it at least with the main multi-day fasts. It is not necessary to starve yourself, if you have health problems. The Lord is merciful, therefore, even the slightest failure in the days of fasting will be seen as a small victory. Say your prayers, go to Church, gain strength for new achievements. Good luck with 2018 bright holidays, a lot of faith and health.