The “Chronicles of Narnia” to be continued

The “Chronicles of Narnia” to be continued

Producer mark Gordon has found investors and partners for joint work on the adaptation of the works of C. S. Lewis “the Chronicles of Narnia: the Silver throne.” According to the publication The Hollywood Reporter, they became the Studio and TriStar Entertainment One, the distributor of the film will be Sony Pictures.

The action of the works takes place after the events described in the book “the Chronicles of Narnia: the voyage of the dawn Treader as Prince Caspian becomes king Caspian, and his son, the crown Prince, mysteriously disappears. Aslan organizes the expedition,whose task is to search for the heir to the throne.

Note that the first time mark Gordon has said it is ready to film the “Silver throne” back in 2013, but great progress in this case it was not achieved. In early 2016, the producer announced that the new film will completely renew the franchise. “All over again. New characters, other Directors and the whole crew”, – he said at the time.

Does this mean that none of the members of the original cast will not be back on-set, is still unknown.

Recall that the first two series of “the Chronicles of Narnia” was filmed by Walt Disney studios, but later it abandoned the project due to low ratings and modest box office receipts. The third part in 2010, released by 20th Century Fox. The film “the Chronicles Narinia: the voyage of the dawn Treader earned in world hire only 415 million dollars, and the Studio also refused to create a continue.


Source and photo: kinonews.ru