The child’s mother Louis Tomlinson have plagued the singer’s jealousy

The ongoing drama in the relationship of the contractor group, One Direction Louis Tomlinson again appeared on the pages of publications. The mother of his only son Freddie briana, Genric again made a statement regarding the new girl singer Daniel Campbell.

Louis and his new passion was filmed by paparazzi at Malibu beach, where, judging by the photos, they had a great time with the little six-month-old son of the contractor. These pictures brought brianna into a frenzy. A woman who had never experienced the warm feelings for the new beloved of the father of the child wrote on his page in social network:
“You can pretend all you want, but you’ll NEVER be a mother to my son.”
Members tried to reassure brianna, telling her that Daniel didn’t do anything wrong neither she nor her child can better accept this situation and move on without dragging the boy over to tug Louis ‘ rope.
Earlier, Luis had asked the paparazzi and media in General to stay away from the baby and to be tolerant. Probably some of these requests have been heard.
Recall that Tomlinson has filed suit in court, demanding to officially share custody of Freddie with Brianas, which was denied him meetings with the child after learning that the singer appeared passion. The woman claimed that Daniel may be just a groupie, a psycho group or Louis in particular, and she’s home address, Briany can come to her house and do something with her or the baby. Louis thought it was paranoia, but sources close to Janric – blind with jealousy and despair (briana hoped that the birth of Freddie brought them together with Tomlinson, but that didn’t happen).

Source: http://www.eonline.com
Photo: https://twitter.com

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