The chair entertained with Italian businesswoman

The artist credited with new novel

Recently, the visit of Nikita Dzhigurda in Instagram appeared a curious publication. In the frame of the entertainer posing in the company of a sultry Italian. As it turned out, the lady’s name is Donna Moon. In social networks it is positioning itself as a Creator of Jewelry Mystic Theatre.

Judging by the video on the page itself, Donna moon, Carrey was a guest of her show on the channel “Nostalgia”. And after the concert, the artists went to the restaurant, where she danced and joked about what the media will interpret their innocent arms “in the style of areal mass consciousness”.

“Anisina — my wedded WIFE! I live true to Her Soul. But on a physical level, we divorced at Her request! So I dance with whom I want and how I want… And mizunoya temples women even thoughts do not allow to come in! I subliminal sexual energy, allowing ourselves to dance (and not only) to hug, to squeeze — to TANTRIC and other Goddesses…” — said the chair in his microblog.