The causes of the fall colds and runny nose

In the fall exacerbated respiratory disease associated with a decrease in immunity. Often the disease is manifested due to the reduction of human energy due to the autumn Blues and mood swings.

For many years specialists in bioenergetics observed the manifestations of colds. Studies have shown that nasal congestion is not so much the physical as the psychological properties of the person. The most common cold in the autumn, when the human body begins to readjust, losing a certain amount of vitamins and minerals. Also runny nose and cold are directly related to psychological well-being, which in autumn are most susceptible to changes.

Often the person involuntarily begins to think in such a way that the body sends signals to prevent ingress of foreign bodies in the organism. Thoughts and feelings, as a consequence, cause autumn depression with its attendant cold and flu. The causes of these diseases are mental blocking. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru I present to you the most probable causes unpleasant symptoms associated with the weakening of the biofield and energy of the person.

Emotional blocks

This reason occurs when we are faced with a strange or confusing situation. In the fall, when the mood changes with the weather several times a day, we become more insecure, obsess on details, and it seems to us that the world is against us. Subconsciously the body starts a defense reaction that causes a runny nose. So the body tries to cope with the alien “bodies”, which are actually our thoughts and feelings. This cold energy can manifest as a result of communication with unpleasant person. Our aura begins to actively get rid of the negativity, causing profuse discharge from the nasal mucosa. Experts believe that this reaction is provoked by the desire of man to get rid of chatting with an unpleasant companion: the body begins to “hurt” to cause rejection of the opponent.

Mental lock

This lock depends on the thoughts that are associated with hypothermia. People in the period of sharp temperature change may convince himself of the idea that the slightest hypothermia will cause colds. So he literally programmed himself on the cold, giving the brain the order on the beginning of the disease. Fraught with danger and thought that the common cold is a very contagious disease. To prevent colds, experts of the site recommend to get rid of the obsessive thoughts and fear of getting sick. Self-hypnosis, you need to redirect from negative perception to positive, you have to start thinking about what your immune system is able to repel any viral attack. To reinforce the confidence by using week course of herbs that help the body to adapt to the changing climate. Besides medicinal raw materials will improve body tone and boost your mood.

Causes of runny nose

Causes of rhinitis are your emotions and feelings. The basis lies in self-pity, unfulfilled plans and dreams, grief and biased perception of how you relate to the people around them. Negative emotions accumulated in the mind, require intervention. Experts recommend to start treatment with in search of someone who would be able to get you out of the doldrums. Tell someone about your thoughts and worries in a relaxed atmosphere. Internal fears and worries require a search of the root cause. You can find them with the help of meditation.

Causes of nasal congestion

Often the symptoms of nasal congestion lie in the fact that a person ceases to be confident. It begins to seem that it does not recognize and diminish his dignity. Treatment is quite simple: you need to prove your worth — especially myself. Analyze their emotions, to understand where to begin treatment. Show all your best qualities and begin to realize themselves. The boost in confidence will definitely help you to get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

Autumn is a time of new discoveries, plans and actions. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru it is recommended to leave the negative thoughts and start looking for new ideas for the realization of hidden potential that is in each of us. Don’t let your thoughts of the occasion to make your body “sick”. Nurture strength of will, enjoy every day and don’t forget to strengthen your biofield.