The cast of “vampire Diaries” explains how you end a series

The cast of “vampire Diaries” explains how you end a series

A few days ago at the festival of Comic Con 2016, it was announced that “the vampire Diaries” will not be renewed for a ninth season — and thus, a new, eighth season will be the series last.

The stars of “the vampire Diaries” shared their views on how, in their opinion, should end the series.

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley were rather grim: actors think of their characters, the brothers Damon and Stefan must almost commit suicide by removing the ring that protects them from light, and out in the sun.

Zach Roerig Matt came up with a more shocking ending, hinting that after years of search of his girlfriend to his hero it is time to understand that women really are not interested.

The premiere of season 8 of “the vampire Diaries” will take place on 21 October 2016. Will we see the suicide Salvatore brothers, gay Matt or the return of Elena Gilbert is not yet clear.


Source and photo: popcornnews.ru