The bride of Nikolai Baskov in short shorts danced on the table

The bride of Nikolai Baskov Russian model Victoria Lopyreva published on the page in Instagram video where she was in short shorts dancing on the table. Fans were shocked by such behavior the bride Baskov.


Fans of Nikolai Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva in bewilderment: first, the singer and the model was filled with their joint social network snapshots, then started talking about getting engaged, and now pretend as if nothing had happened. Victoria even prefer to travel without a star fiance. Even on their own birthday Victoria is not called Nikolai Baskov.

In the “stories” in the social network Instagram Lopyreva published a video of her mini-shorts dancing on the table. It is worth noting that Victoria danced not only in the company of friends, but also a large number of men.