The book “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone” will be sold at auction for 25 thousand dollars

JK Rowling is doing to her child in the face of Harry Potter, people would not forget for as long as possible.

In the near future, will premiere a spin-off of the franchise “Harry Potter” called “Fantastic beasts and where they live” and recently was presented the new book “Harry Potter and the Cursed child”, which became a prequel of literature known to us the series. As soon as the book appeared on the shelves as it was sold out fans. It has been estimated that “Harry Potter and the Cursed child” even set a record for the number we buy of circulation, surpassing even the classic William Shakespeare and his “Romeo and Juliet”.

But today, interest in the “Harry Potter” chained on one occasion.

For auction is the book “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. One of the lots – rare edition “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone with a small typo: books that contain such a typo, it was released only 500 copies, almost 20 years ago — in 1997. Contains a typo on the page, which lists a list of things that Harry Potter was necessary for his first semester at Hogwarts – “Broom, 1 thing in this list is shown twice.

The auction is scheduled for November 2016.


Source: popcornnews.ru
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