The blogger accused Melania trump in providing escort services

Americans are beginning to get used to the fact that their new first lady in the past successful model that participated in many photo shoots, including provocative nature (ie, Nude).

To use the past Melania trump tried opponents of Donald trump during the presidential race. Despite the fact that trump has entered office, some publications continue to develop themes from “unclean” last Melania and publish new facts proving that the future first lady had an escort service.

This statement was made by the blogger Webster Tarpley. He gave a controversial interview to the Daily Mail, in which he stated that in the 90s Melania was an escort. Facts confirming the words of Webster, was not found. because lawyers Melania rushed to defend her name. In the court was filed in which the lawyers demanded to initiate a criminal case, appealing to the fact that many “escorts” understand “prostitution”.

He Wesbter tried to justify himself and to prove that nothing bad had in mind. However, he failed to do this. The publication, published the statement of the blogger, it was quickly deleted and apologized to Melania.

It remains unclear just what the fate of the Tarpley. I wonder what he will be punished?

Source: graziamagazine.ru
Photo: graziamagazine.ru

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